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Eric Kennedy - It Support Consultant

New York, NY


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  • + Ten (10) years of experience - (IT | ICT) (SUPPORT | CONSULTANCY)
  • +5 years of experience - SYSTEMS (ANALYSIS | ANALYST) & SUPPORT
  • +2 years of experience - CLIENT (SERVICES | SUPPORT) / ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT
  • +1 year of experience - (DATA | OPERATIONS) (ANALYSIS | ANALYST)
  • 1 year of experience - SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION
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  • Authorized to work in Canada and Mexico via NAFTA Work Visa program.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
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  • Working knowledge of troubleshooting TCP/IP networking; email (MX records, SMTP), DNS; web/Internet usage; messaging and directory issues involving multiple systems and networks.
  • Advanced proficiency in the installation, usage & support of Windows XP/NT/2000/98/95 hardware & software.
  • Working knowledge of PC imaging, partitioning, LiveCD/USB creations and build scenarios. (e.g. Ghost, Acronis tools, BartPE)
  • Proficiency in usage & support of Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint).
  • Strong grasp of fundamental concepts: networking—Windows/LAN/WAN, DHCP, FTP; messaging—protocols, MS Exchange, Active Directory; boolean web searches.

Employment History (to Present)

Most Recent




  • Build, configure, monitor, fix and support the computer environment, including desktops, laptops, installing and upgrading software & operating systems, implementing file backups, etc.
  • Take helpdesk requests from end-users, provide problem resolution, answer system usage questions, etc.
  • Apply tech tools & diagnostic utilities to aid in technical support, troubleshooting and resolution of hardware & software problems.
  • Perform quality oversight & preventative maintenance, including anti-virus software installs & scans, software & drivers updates, checking & cleaning of workstations, printers, other peripherals.
  • Perform tests on hardware & software fixes/upgrades to ensure proper system functionality.
  • Utilize online forums, knowledge bases, FAQs & other web resources to aid in problem resolution and best support practices.
  • Perform post-resolution follow-ups of helpdesk requests.
  • Evaluate documented resolutions & analyze trends for ways to prevent future problems.
  • Maintain documentation of systems configurations, maintenance procedures, help sheets & FAQ lists for end-users.
  • Audit & inventory all IT equipment/software as required.
  • Manage user access rights and password control within agreed security parameters.
  • Train new users in use of systems as required.
  • Work closely with management and staff to assure the overall quality of IT services within the organization.

2nd Recent

{a services company within ARAMARK}



  • Created several MS Excel reports driven by pivot tables and custom-designed formulas that allowed Operations to analyze trends in transactions by client-companies of vendor services. No such reporting mechanism was previously available that provided this type of analyses.
  • Introduced one new client account within first month of hire.
    • Tracked & measured customer accounts, transactions, and feedback on Operations-related services, using personally created reports &
    • Performed & recommended testing and systems management for Operations-owned applications.
    • Acted as a liaison between Operations and the IT business groups, evaluating and implementing technology solutions.

3rd Recent

{international investment bank}



  • Provided project assistance to a multi-departmental enterprise to design, test and rollout a third-party SMTP relay in Switzerland, used to centralize inter-business unit messaging traffic for the company's European network, and to relieve some of the high load throughout the worldwide messaging network
  • Received a relocation assignment to live in Switzerland and provide specialized analysis services to the local messaging support teams.
  • Directed the integration of several new SMTP domains and messaging servers into the global infrastructure, deploying proper DNS, routing, and directory information.
    • Ensured the data integrity of the central address directory, the MS Exchange Global Address List, and addressing routing databases of messaging relays in the global infrastructure.
    • Investigated and resolved issues and problems involving message routing and global directory synchronization processes between the central directory and other messaging environments. Problem-solving tools and processes included MS TechNet, Exchange Administrator, nslookup, MX records troubleshooting, traceroute, ping, Unix commands (basic administration usage), custom-developed and Windows-based applications.
    • Conducted in-depth research into problem resolutions using test scenarios, error condition replication, trace logging, data collection, and script and data-file modifications.
    • Monitored and managed the through-put, logs, system resources and filesystem utilization of several messaging relays. Reported status and escalated problems to the appropriate administrators.
    • Performed daily, weekly and monthly maintenance schedules on the messaging systems, such as backup/restore, defragmentation of the message store, etc.
    • Implemented and complied with all corporate change-control management procedures prior to system changes.
    • Enforced all messaging compliance policies stipulated by Legal & Compliance department.
    • Documented the administration, troubleshooting and test procedures for various projects and systems within the messaging environment.
    • Escalated intractable problems with proprietary products to vendors when necessary.

4th Recent

IBM (Soft·Switch / Lotus Development Corporation)



  • Provided on-site system administration & operations for one London-based and two US-based customers.
  • Influential in the on-site project to implement a Soft-Switch messaging network for two US clients.
    • Championed all facets of service, technical, and support requirements for the largest and most complex client accounts.
    • Represented one of my clients on the rollout team for one of our company's product lines.
    • Dedicated one man-month to our Quality Engineering department for the testing of a version of our company's main messaging server.
    • Contributed to the editing of a user's guide for on-site system administration to be used by sales engineers, and provided feedback on guides for several other company products.
    • Provided feedback to home-office groups on service performance and clients' expectations.
    • Organized regularly scheduled client-calls to evaluate ongoing business and project relationships, and maintained mutually-agreed project plans and issues lists.
    • Trained clients in use of products; announced the latest offerings, upgrades, patches, tips and workarounds appropriate for their environment.
    • Coordinated with home-office technicians on any installation or maintenance activities on clients' networks.
    • Provided over-the-phone troubleshooting to clients.
    • Acted as client escalation for Technical and Service issues, facilitating a positive outcome by working together with home-office analysts, developers and management.
    • Managed all aspects of a client's support and service relationship with Soft-Switch, including issues of messaging growth, migration and coexistence in the client's network. Provided advice on long-range messaging planning based on extensive knowledge of client messaging environment.
    • Partnered with home-office account teams to identify and develop sales opportunities in the promotion of products and services to assigned clients.


General Electric Aerospace Corporation

Camden, NJ


  • Modified and updated in-house programs to meet project-specified reporting requirements.
  • Assisted with the management and maintenance of the midrange computer database and hardware.
  • Provided technical support and training to the users of the midrange and personal computer software and hardware.
  • Produced computer presentations for departmental events and meetings.


Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association

Philadelphia, PA


  • Monitored and controlled the execution and input/output of job-processes on an IBM mainframe computer using job entry subsystem commands on a command-line interface (CLI).
  • Maintained computer hardware and peripherals, operations and inventory logs.
  • Assisted Lead Operator in quality control.


Planning and Managing Projects - Introduction to Project Management


  • ...through dynamic presentations and exercises during hands-on workshops, using real life project situations, this program can improve the participant's ability to define, plan, schedule and track projects, and show the best ways to manage project changes and project risks.

Writing in a Technical Environment


  • ...enables participants to develop an efficient, systematic approach to organizing and preparing complex technical material to meet the needs of varied and diverse audiences.

Improving Communication Skills


  • ...participants learn the skills necessary for becoming effective communicators so that they can understand how people create assumptions and perceptions, and clarify their own. They also learn about active listening, the role of nonverbal behaviors in good communication, and the giving and receiving of feedback.

Time Management for Results


  • ...participants discover strategies for gaining greater control of, and for increasing results over, the events and pressures that compete for their time; and learn to integrate their highest priorities into daily their routines.


  • Operations and Systems Analysis:
    • analyze the operations of technical systems and business processes; make recommendations to company management on improving efficiency and performance.
  • Client Services & Account Management:
    • provide dedicated support to customer/client accounts, raise the visibility of their issues to home-office analysts, developers and management, and ensure requests are satisfied quickly.
  • Technical Support & Systems Maintenance:
    • work with support teams to investigate and resolve technical issues within the production environment.
  • Project Management Assistance:
    • liaise with Analyst, Research and Management teams to understand their requirements and ensure strategic business objectives are met.
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  • International Business Experience
    • Proven ability to face the challenges of working and living in international, diverse, multicultural, or American corporate environments.
    • Formal understanding of the complexities of the global business environment. Academic studies have included industry trend analysis, management practices, business development, and cross-cultural marketing issues that are relevant to countries of all economic strata.
    • Countries visited for work, research or tourism: Bermuda, Canada, China, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Greece, Kenya, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, UK, Zambia.


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